MJP is a full-service, residential and commercial property management service offering. What this means to you as an owner, tenant or broker, is that we have a comprehensive range of personalized services to assist you in preparing, listing, renting, and searching for rental, renovated and for sale properties to meet your needs. By managing these properties on your behalf, or helping you find rental or for sale properties, we can maximize your effort and your return.


In addition, we have professional and experienced partners—expert in every aspect of rental and sale property support—who are ready to assist you with title processing, mortgage loans, renovation services, sale property preparation, tenant screening and collections.   (Links to title companies, mortgage lenders, real estate agents, NW Ventures, OCSI, BI, OneCreditSource, etc.)


MJP Management services include:


Residential Property Management                                    Lease Contracts/Applications

Commercial Property Management                                  Policies/Procedures

Rental Services                                                              Fee Structure

Tenant Screening                                                           Collections Assistance

(Background checks, employment, credit)


Residential Property Management


As residential property managers with over 25 years of combined management experience—MJP currently manages a total of 200 residential and commercial properties–we know first-hand the unique problems facing owners of single-family dwellings and small complexes. Our goal with owners is two-fold. List, rent and promote the best features of your properties to maximize your rental value and your investment.  And find good, solid and reliable tenants to rent your properties and make you money. Our property managers focus on this effort.


Commercial Property Management


MJP manages both large commercial properties and buildings that house business tenants only and smaller complexes that house live-in residential tenants. Since we are expert at managing single-family dwellings and other small residential properties, we prefer to keep our live-in residential tenant complexes under 20 units. This allows us to manage properties for small complex owners, brokers and developers who prefer not to have onsite, live-in managers and the associated additional expense of salaries, taxes, personal benefits and office maintenance costs. We manage your small commercial properties with the same professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment as our single family dwellings.   


Rental Services


MJP Management specializes in managing the rental of single-family dwellings and small residential complexes in the North and Northeast neighborhoods of Portland.  With owners, we determine a fair market price for the rental property and set a monthly management fee based upon our Fee Structure . No fees are charged to you until we rent your property. On our website, we provide pictures of your rental, renovated and for sale properties that can be searched by location, size and rental cost. For tenants, we go through a similar process, assisting them in finding rental properties in areas they desire and at a price point they can afford. 


Tenant Screening


Every owner who rents property wants an honest and reliable tenant who honors the rental agreement and consistently pays rent on time. MJP Management helps to ensure that this is the tenant you get. We do a comprehensive tenant screening on your behalf. This background check includes employment and credit history, and information from their last rental experience.

By knowing who your tenants are before renting to them, you can be assured that your properties will be rented by those who will respect it and make you rental income.  Our partners, Background Investigations  (BI) and OneCreditSource, assist us with this process.   


Lease Contracts & Applications


MJP Management using industry-standard rental lease contracts and tenant applications that set in stone the contractual obligations of renting tenants and are used for screening, background and credit history checks. You are welcome to review these Contracts & Applications.


Policies and Procedures


After many years of experience in managing residential and small commercial properties, we have developed a set of Policies and Procedures that outline our management, operations and rental processes to assure you of high quality, professional and consistent services whether you are an owner, tenant or broker.


Fee Structure


MJP Management’s Fee Structure is cost-effective and competitive for the Portland area rental market. First we determine the rental value of your property, and then a management fee is set,   based upon the monthly rental rate. No fees are charged to you unless we rent your property. No fees are charged to list your home on the MJP Management Website and the fees are all inclusive until our contractual relationship ends.